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And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” (Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist) 

One of my wishes, for quite a few years, was to attend a Moroccan wedding. Finally, I had this amazing opportunity to attend one in Rabat. A friend of a friend was getting married to a Pakistani guy so it was 2 in 1 – Moroccan wedding with some (little) Pakistani accents. 
Moroccan wedding is completely different than the European ceremony. First thing which made me fall in love with marriage a la Maghrbi is the fact that Moroccans don’t drink alcohol during the wedding and still have undeniable fun! I know that for Europeans it sounds unacceptable but, trust me, the vibes are so positive that you will find yourself on the dance floor clapping your hands and moving your hips to the left and to the right along with other people.

Admiring the bride :)


The Moroccan bride changes her dress few times during the night. That, for me, was a nice alternative to traditional white dress that most European brides wear. The groom changes his outfit up to three times. In this particular wedding the couple was wearing Pakistani clothes as well :)

Pakistani outfit :)
the couple dancing; wearing one of the Moroccan dresses


The best part in the wedding was music and dance. The orchestra plays the best Arabic songs that make you move your body even when seated. You can feel the joy floating in the air. Moroccan ladies shake their booty in a hypnotizing way and it is so hard not to stare at them when they make their asses jump in all possible directions :)

Something absolutely unique about Maghrbi wedding is that the bride is being carried in (several times) in a nicely decorated seat called el aamaria by few strongmen. Each time wearing a different costume. The groom is being carried in just once and at a certain point the guys who carry the couple stop so that the husband can kiss his wife’s forehead. Cute, isn’t it?

Moroccans are very creative, they not only have their own twisted version of Arabic, beautiful and unique clothes but also their own song/prayer for special occasions such as weddings. You will always hear women singing Slaaaa w slaaaaam a3laaaa rassoullah

La jaaaaah ila jah sidnaaaa mohamed Allaaaaah ma3aaaaa jah la3lii youyouyouyouyouuuu. It is a prayer sung to bless the couple.

The Internet is full of videos of Moroccan weddings. I have seen thousands of them but couldn’t decide to choose the best one. If you are curious just google: “mariage marocain
to have an idea how it looks and sounds like.  
sorry for poor quality of the pics but we were taking them in a rush to capture all the most important moments :)
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  • PandJ Emporium

    The best part of the wedding was music and dance. but also different colors of wearing lady are also the best part of a party and wedding without beauty dance dos’nt happen excited

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