January 10


Hello Darija! Lesson #1 – Taking a Taxi

By Bewildered in Morocco

January 10, 2015

Series of short lessons in collaboration with HelloDarija. How it works?
I provide you with conjugation of one verb, several words and phrases in a certain topic. One lesson = one topic. Next, you go to http://hellodarija.com to practice your newly acquired vocabulary and learn how to use them in conversations. Everything for free. Good luck!

I’m going – Ana ghadi; ana ghada/ghadya (female)
She’s going – Hia ghada/ghadya
He’s going – Howa ghadi
You’re going – Nta ghadi
We’re going – 7na ghadin/ghadyin
You’re going (pl) – Ntuma ghadin/ghadyin
They’re going  – Huma
Mosque  – Jame3,
Beach – b7er, shati2/sha6i2
Shop – 7anut, boutique (French)
Downtown – mdina
Station – la garre (French), ma7atta/ma7a66a
How much? – bsh’7al
How far is..? – sh7al b3ida…?
Too much! – bezzaf!
Hello – salam /salamu 3alaykum
Bye – beslama / salamu 3alaykum
Thanks – shukran
Turn to the left – dur lliser 
Turn to the right – dur llimen 
Go straight – sir nishan
Stop/ enough – Baraka ghir hna  (Lit. Enough
just here), blasa hna (Lit. a place here)
Near… – 9rib(a)
Far – b3id(a)
Is it far? – Wash b3ida?
Is it close? – Wash 9riba?
9= Q (deep “k” from the throat)
3= Ain (deep “a”)
7= h
6= t
gh= a bit like French “r”, something between “r” and “h”

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