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4 Best Beaches In Casablanca And Surroundings (Up To 100 Km Away)

El Hoceima, Dakhla, Essaouira… Everyone knows these places and they become the dream destination of many surfers and travelers from all around the world.

Not many people visit Casablanca as it’s not a very touristy city. I haven’t seen much info on the Internet regarding the beaches around Casa, and I also receive many emails from my Readers asking me about places to swim and surf during the weekends.

There are plenty of beaches around but I’ll share with you my 4 favorite ones. All of them located 20-100 km from Casablanca.


Location: 20km north from Casablanca.

Transport: train 20min, big taxi 25min, car. If you take the train, you’ll have to take a small taxi to Monica beach as it’s quite far from the train station.

There are several beaches, more and less touristy. My absolute number one is Monica beach. It’s not so crowded and tourist-invaded. The beach is wild, some say it’s not safe to go to wild beaches in Morocco as they are not secured. I appreciate wild ones muh more as they are unspoiled, peaceful and clean. Plus, the nature is untouched and beautiful!

Monica beach is full of rocks, its sand is soft and bright. There are also dunes where you can climb and see the ocean from above.


Location: 20 km south from Casablanca (some say it is Casablanca)

Transport: preferably your own car as public transport in Tamaris doesn’t exist. You can try also white collective taxi from near Morocco Mall but they will drop you off in the city centre. No trains go to Tamaris.

Years ago Tamaris was a simple village. Nowadays it’s a resort for the Casaouis who want to enjoy weekends and holidays in their private villas by the coast.

During the summer beaches in Tamaris are quite crowded. Babaloo beach is the most famous one and I don’t like it there. There are some other places to chill out – my favorite one is the cliff by the cafe. The beach is hidden behind the cliff so it’s quite intimate and the cafe with swings is just nearby.

El Jadida

Location: 100km south from Casablanca.

Transport: train 1h, collective taxi from Route de Jadida or a car. Once you arrive to Jadida using public transport, you’ll have to take a small taxi to Houzia beach.

Can you see this shipwreck? That’s Houzia beach in El Jadida. The city is full of nice places for sunbathing, but Houzia became my favorite thanks to its wild nature and the mysterious Japanese shipwreck from the ’70s.

The beach is not secured so not many people go there, but I’d recommend it to you if you like nature and peace. It’s the same case as with Monica beach in Mohammedia – peaceful and clean, far from crowds,not the best place to stay alone at night. They say…

beach morocco jadida old ship drown japanese wrak statku maroko casablanca


Location: 70km north from Casablanca (Rabat suburbs)

Transport: train 40min, collective taxi (from Rabat or Casablanca near Casa Port) or a car. Bouznika is quite small so it’s easy to move within the city.

In the summer months Bouznika becomes surfers’ paradise. People from Rabat and Casablanca go there during the weekends. The beach is wide and has some rocks – a perfect playground for the kids or a hideout for photos and relax.


Where is your favorite beach?

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