May 26


4 Best Beaches In Casablanca And Surroundings (Up To 100 Km Away)

By Bewildered in Morocco

May 26, 2016

Unveiling the Coastal Gems of Casablanca

Casablanca, often overshadowed by other Moroccan cities in terms of tourism, harbors some hidden beach treasures within and around its vicinity. I've explored and experienced these beaches firsthand and am excited to share my top picks for the best beaches near Casablanca, stretching up to 100 km away.

Monica Beach, Mohammedia: The Untouched Beauty

  • Location: 20 km north of Casablanca.
  • Why It Stands Out: Monica Beach is a less crowded, serene spot, known for its wild, unspoiled nature. The beach's tranquility and cleanliness, coupled with its raw beauty, make it a top choice among Casablanca beaches. The rocky landscape and soft sand create a unique beach experience.

Tamaris Beach: A Tranquil Escape

  • Location: 20 km south of Casablanca.
  • What’s Special: Tamaris has evolved from a quaint village to a resort area, popular among locals for weekend getaways. While some beaches here can get crowded, there are quieter spots behind cliffs, offering intimacy and a chance to unwind near the rhythmic waves.
Tamaris Beach, Grand Casablanca

Houzia Beach, El Jadida: Nature's Retreat

  • Location: 100 km south of Casablanca.
  • Unique Attraction: Houzia Beach is renowned for its wild scenery and a mysterious Japanese shipwreck from the 70s, adding to its allure. The unsecured, peaceful beach is perfect for those seeking a calm, natural environment away from crowded spots.

Bouznika Beach: A Surfer's Paradise

  • Location: 70 km north of Casablanca.
  • Why Visit: Bouznika becomes a hub for surfers in the summer, drawing crowds from both Rabat and Casablanca. The wide beach with rocks is not just ideal for surfing but also offers a playground for children and a picturesque spot for relaxation and photography.

Your Casablanca Beaches Adventure Awaits

Whether you're a surfer, a nature enthusiast, or just someone looking to relax by the sea, the beaches near Casablanca offer something for everyone. Each beach, with its unique charm and character, adds to the diverse coastal experience of Morocco.

  • This is perfect post for me. Just booked my flight to Casablanca for January and the first thing i checked was about beaches to chill before returning home! I am thinking Oualidia, have you been?

  • Do you go bathing in the Moroccan waters? I have been to Essaouira and Rabat on the beach, but I would have felt awkward undressing to a bathing suit, because I would have been the only (female) person there to do so.

  • I love the beach destination for my holiday. You have shared the best beaches in your list and covered all the points to make easy for the traveller.

    Great post indeed !!!

  • Hi, thanks for the great travel tips, the reviews, and the hints, around Casablanca and Rabat and surroundings.

    Pictures are really excellent also.

    It certainly helps when we can read a blog such as yours, and be guided by it. Many adventures to be had by all.

    Cheers Sharon…

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