January 14


Hello Darija! Lesson #2 – Bargaining

By Bewildered in Morocco

January 14, 2015

Series of short lessons in collaboration with HelloDarija.

How it works?

I provide you with conjugation of one verb, several words and phrases in a certain topic. One lesson = one topic.
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I want – Ana
bghit        don’t want  – ma bghitsh
You want – Nta
bghiti              don’t want – ma bghitish
She wants – Hia
bghat            doesn’t want – ma bghatsh
He wants – Howa
bgha               doesn’t want – ma bghash
You (PL) want  – Ntuma bghitu            don’t want – ma
We want – 7na
bghina                 don’t want – ma bghinash
They want – Huma
bghaw                  don’t want – ma bghawsh
Carpet – zarbiya
Teapot – berrad
Slippers – pantufa
Glasses – mdader/ndader
(the N and M are regionally different)
Olives – zitun
Leather wallet – bez6am
Bag – sac
How much? – Bsh7al?
Kilo of… – kilo dial…
Too much – Bezzaf
OK, deal – wakha


Next time – marra ukhra
1 wa7ed,
2 juj, zuj (J and Z are regionally
3 tlata,
4 reb3a,
5 khemsa,
6 sta,
7 seb3a,
 8 tmenya,
9 ts3ud/ts3a,
11 7dash,
12 tnash,
13 tletash,
14 rbe3tash,
15 khemstash,
16 sttash,
17 sbe3tash,
18 tmentash,
19 tse3tash,
20 3eshrin,
21 wa7ed u 3eshrin,
22 tnin u 3shrin,
30 tlatin, 40 reb3in,
31 wa7ed u tlatin
32 tnin u tlatin,
50 khemsin,
60 stin,
70 seb3in,
75 khemsa u seb3in,
80 tmanin, 90 ts3in,
100 mya,
150 mya u khemsin,
mya u khemsa u seb3in
9= Q (deep “k” from the throat)
3= Ain (deep “a”)
7= h
6= t
gh= a bit like French “r”, something between “r” and “h”
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