December 3


10 Things That You Didn’t Know About Moroccans

By Bewildered in Morocco

December 3, 2015

Have you ever wondered what does make a Moroccan, Moroccan? Are there any things that you didn’t know but should? Here are some facts that can describe a Moroccan:

#10 Moroccans pick up languages easily. I am really amazed when I hear my Moroccan friends repeating phrases in Polish. Their accent is very close to the original one and their pronounciation is breathtaking. I have heard Egyptians, Brits, Turks and Spaniards trying to speak Polish. Nobody can beat Moroccans. Why? Darija is a very difficult dialect, with lots of difficult sounds. What’s more, many Moroccans are multilingual since childhood (Spanish, Amazigh dialects, classical Arabic, Darija, French) and thanks to this their brains absorb other languages easier.

#9 They share food with strangers. Whenever I travel by train and a person next to me is eating, they will always offer me some food. No Moroccan can eat alone and look at another person starving. Same thing happens when you are at their place, at least a glass of tea is a must.

#8  always eat bread with every meal, bread sometimes replaces forks. Moroccans eat it with salads, soups, meat, and even with rice or fries.

#7 They respect elderly people. If a Moroccan mother says something, nobody will argue. I sometimes see kids kissing their grandparents’ and parents’ foreheads or hands.

#6 Moroccan girls have curves like a curvy, village road. And some good butt.

#5 Moroccan men are devoted football fans. If there is a football match, do not expect your Moroccan male friend to hang out with you. Don’t even try to reach him on the phone.

#4 Moroccans start a day with a small, late breakfast and finish with a late, heavy dinner. The calories intake gradually increases as the day passes by. More about Moroccan food here.

#3 They visit you whenever they want. Sometimes you may postpone your plans just because your family from a faraway city decided to visit you. Without calling, of course. This habit starts changing, but is still cultivated by the older generation.

#2 Moroccans do not rush, everything will happen in the right time insha’Allah. Going to a doctor in Morocco is often a one-day journey. You never know when it’s your turn or if the doctor will show up. It’s the same when it comes to paperwork and all that kind of stuff…

#1 They bargain and expect you to bargain. This is a rule in open-air markets and basically all places where prices are not fixed. In touristy cities sellers are used to rich tourists and bargaining is quite of a challenge, prices are usually grossly inflated right off the bat. Learn some haggling Darija phrases here.

Post based on my own observations

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