June 24



By Bewildered in Morocco

June 24, 2014

photo in the background: Youssef Amaaou

Many tourists wonder what Ramadan is and why Muslims celebrate it? Here is a brief explanation of the reason and purpose of the holy month of Ramadan:)
I’ll also give you some tips on what to do and what to avoid during this very special period of time.

WHAT IS RAMADAN? and why is it so special?
It’s a holy month when archangel Gabriel sent the Quran to Muhammad. Every year the date of Ramadan changes. People don’t eat/drink/smoke/have sex throughout the day since the dawn till the sunset. The purpose of the fast is to remember about the poor.
The other side of the coin is: there is a big possibility of more beggars appearing on the streets as the good deeds done during Ramadan count more. Beggars may also count on more;) 

• • • DO’S & DON’TS• • •


Try not to attract attention. During Ramadan people are usually quite tired, some may be grumpy too. If you don’t really want to hear offensive comments, don’t wear super-mini shorts and super-open blouses. It’s better for both: you and the locals.

If you plan to go shopping, check the opening hours of the stores during the holy month. Don’t be surprised when the snacks and bars are closed.

Public display of affection will be perceived as very offensive. Not only during Ramadan. Avoid it to feel comfortable:)

The atmosphere of Ramadan is magical. During the day you’re unlikely to meet anyone on the street. At night the streets are full of people, it is hard to find a free spot in bars and restaurants. Advice? Book the table in advance.

If you have Moroccan friends they may invite you for ftour, the first meal to break the fast. It starts with some dates and a glass of water and is followed by several meals, desserts and drinks.If you’re invited-go there and experience it. It is the Moroccan hospitality and the way to share the culture.

Ramadan Kareem!


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