May 17


18 Amazing Things You Have To Do In Morocco And Guidebooks Won’t Tell You!

By Bewildered in Morocco

May 17, 2015

1. Eat delicious, sweet bananas from Banana Village, in Aourir village on the way from Taghazout to Agadir.

2. Visit a Berber village and see how they live

3. Sleep in a berber tent on Sahara

this experience may get you out of your comfort zone – the heat during the day and the cold during the night. Lack of places to take a shower may also be uncomfortable but it’s worth trying. Certainly an amazing experience.

4. Go to Tangier and see the Mediterranean and Atlantic at the same time

5. Spend ftour during Ramadan or Eid Kbir with a Moroccan family

6. Get a ride in Taxi Kbira (Big, collective taxi)

7. Come to Pages-The Other Sides of Morocco

photo by Rapax Studio

8. Get lost and bargain in Old Medina

Medinas in different cities usually have a touristy and non-touristy parts (but tourists don’t realize that). They’re totally different, I personally love the part where the locals go. Better products, prices (no need to bargain). That can be a really awesome experience if you’re in Morocco for the first time;)

9. Have a Moroccan cooking class

and eat tajine with your hands. I had a cooking class in Riad Quara, where I learnt to prepare msmen, harsha, Moroccan salad and tajine.

10. Sit by the ocean or in the mountains and watch the sunset

Tinzit Tishka road from Ouarzazate to Marrakech

11. Have a rooftop dinner with your friends

our ftour in El Jadida during Ramadan 2014

12. Go to a hammam and have a scrub done

More about hammam rituals in the article linked above. It’s worth to go to a nice hammam where they’ll take a good care of you: massage with argan oil, ghassoul treatment.

13. Learn how to prepare foamy mint tea

14. Attend a Moroccan wedding

15. Get henna on your hands and feet


16. Try street food and fresh juices

17. Spend some time in a traditional, Moroccan riad

18. Surf or kitesurf in Moroccan coastal cities


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