May 16


The Doors Of Chefchaouen (The Blue Pearl)

By Bewildered in Morocco

May 16, 2016

Chefchaouen, also called The Blue Pearl of Morocco, is a city in the north of Morocco (I highly recommend you to choose a car over a bus as the landscapes are stunning and they beg photos!)

The Blue Pearl is one of the oldest cities in Morocco. Its medina has been preserved for hundreds of years so you can admire the architecture that has been almost untouched since then.

Nowadays Chefchaouen is more than just the walls of the old town. The city is growing really fast and is being slowly filled up with modern apartments.

Many of the medina’s doors remain the same for years or get just slightly changed. They have one thing in common: all of them are blue!

I spent a couple of hours wandering in the tiny streets of the Chaouen’s old town to capture them in photos and share with you and here is the outcome. Click on the thumbnail in order to see the photos in full size.

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