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Villa De L’Ô In Essaouira – Luxury Retreat With An Ocean View

View from Villa de l'O, Essaouira

View from the terrace

Villa de l’Ô is a traditional Moroccan riad turned into a cosy guest house. Its owners have given it a modern and very stylish touch. Each room has its own theme and is decorated with attention to every single detail.

All rooms in the Villa have an “O” in the name – that well explains the mysterious name of the riad. We’ve stayed in a beautiful room called l’hOrizon, with an impressive, golden bathtub and the handle covered with leather.

The riad is located between the two entrances to the old town and gives a view over the beach and the medina.

Villa de l'O in Essaouira luxury luxurous hotel bathtub

A rich breakfast is served on the rooftop which gives you a perfect view on both; the ocean and the old town. I loved sitting on the sunbeds at night, watching the nightlife of Essaouira and listening to the sound of the ocean. I can’t hide, the terrace quickly became my favorite spot in the villa.

The riad has a restaurant as well and you can order a traditional tajine or a teapot of Moroccan mint tea and sit in the peaceful inner patio of the villa.

Villa de l'O in Essaouira breakfast bed ocean view

Breakfast with a view

Villa de l'O in Essaouira

View at night

The colors of the villa are earth-toned which, as a nature lover, I found a genuinely amazing idea as it made me feel more relaxed and at ease.

The riad boasts 9 stylish and luxurious rooms and family-friendly suites. Each one of them has its unique style, different from the other rooms. There is one thing all rooms and suites have in common: king-size beds!

I have managed to capture five on them in the photos and you can see them below. Click on the thumbnail to see the photo in HQ.

You can see all the rooms on the Villa’s website here.

To who I could recommend the Villa?

For families seeking peace.

For people who wish to stay in an unspoiled, cosy, and luxurious place.

For lovers of nature and beautiful interiors.

To who I wouldn’t recommend the Villa?

For backpackers and budget travellers.

A night in the villa costs somewhere between 100 and 200 EUR, which for some may seem a lot, but as for what you get, it is not too much at all.

The staff are very kind, helpful, friendly and professional – once asked for something (like an additional towel for instance) they do it instantly. The rooms are cleaned daily.

Villa de l'O in Essaouira

If you are looking for more inspiration about the places in Essaouira, check my friend’s post about Essaouira.

Review prepared in collaboration with the hotel. I was hosted by the hotel in exchange for presenting the place among my Readers. Opinions and photos are my own and nobody has influenced them.
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  • syuahda Zack

    great article… i definitely will be there.. by the way, do you have any experience in doukkala?

    • Bewildered in Morocco

      Thanks, Doukkala, you mean El Jadida? I’ve been there a couple of times.. ;)

      • syuhada Zack

        yes..el jadida…how is that place?my future husband decide to start our new life there. I hope i can survive there…hahahaha.. anyway, i love to read all your articles. it help me a lot in order for me to make very important decision in my life
        syuhada Zack recently posted…Expected the unexpectedMy Profile

        • Bewildered in Morocco

          I can’t say much, I’ve been there just twice. It’s not my kind of a city (I like either big cities or small villages) and Jadida is somewhere between. Not many things to do there but the coast is amazing :) I truly love the beach in Jadida!!!

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