April 23


Taghazout – The Ultimate Guide To Sunny Holiday All Year Long

By Bewildered in Morocco

April 23, 2017

If you’re looking for a place to slow down, enjoy the weather or surfing, you’re reading the right blog now. Taghazout is a welcoming town in the south of Morocco, just around 30km away from Agadir.  It is less crowded and less touristy than Agadir, but you can still enjoy the beach, great food and fantastic location!

The town is small and easy to see in one day. There are many viewing spots for sunset catchers, too!

Most of foreigners who visit Taghazout are surfers, but the place is equally amazing for people who don’t swim/surf. I’ve had my first ever surfing experience with Amayour Surf and totally loved it.

On the way for the first surfing class amayour
On the way for the first surfing class with Amayour Surf

Thanks to its location, Taghazout is a paradise for those who love seafood. Octopus tagine, grilled fish, calamar tagine… and more! There are lots of restaurants by the coast so you will surely find a place for yourself. Bonus: most of them have an amazing view!

“Hey, don’t you dare to take a pic of me!”
Fresh seafood in one of the restarants by the coast
Grilled fish at Amayour Surf
Waiting for the sunset in one of the cafes nearby taghazout panorama
Waiting for the sunset in one of the cafes nearby

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Walking by the coast is Taghazout is like an antidepressant, I swear! Nature, fresh air, the sound of the waves, cute houses along the beach…

Boats on the beach

How to get to Taghazout?

There are a couple of ways to get there:

  1. By bus. I recommend CTM as they are the most organized company (a bit more expensive than others though). As CTM does not go directly to Taghazout, you’ll have to take the bus to Agadir and then take a collective taxi to Taghazout. I wrote a guide to surviving the taxi rides in Morocco and you can read it HERE.
  2. By plane. The nearest airport is the one in Agadir. Next step is same as above – take a taxi :)
  3. Many hostels offer a transfer – contact your hostel for details. It’s a good option if you are in a rush or don’t like to struggle with public transport
  4. By car. It’s around 25min ride from Agadir. The good thing about driving is that you can see the village I’ve mentioned below. You can stop by and see as much as you want :)

Where to stay in Taghazout?

There are many wonderful places to stay at, most of them are small guest houses or surf hostels. I stayed with Shiraz and M’hand in their lovely, small hostel, Amayour Surf. It has an amazing beach view, the surf classes are so much fun and their food is (seriously) way better than in many restaurants.

Long story short, I recommend that place to you, and I am not advertising. It’s because I truly loved the cool, homely ambience, the food, people and the location of this hostel. Really.

One of the double rooms


What to see in the surroundings of Taghazout?

Good news! Taghazout is a great base for further travels! There are lots of amazing places to see around!

Fans of bananas will be in heaven in the village of Aourir aka… Banana Village! The sweetest bananas in the region can be found right there. Aourir is just 10min taxi ride from Taghazout.

Banana seller in Aourir, aka Banana Village
Banana seller in Aourir, aka Banana Village

Another village that is worth visiting is Tamaghart. It’s smaller than Taghazout, less crowded and cheaper. Just like Aourir, it’s located about 10min taxi ride from the town. The amazing blogger and a friend of mine, Katie from The Hostel Girl, wrote about the top 5 things to do there.

Katie worked in a hostel in Tamaghart and shared lots of interesting tips about the region and Morocco in general. Check out other articles on her blog too. Click HERE to read what Katie has to say about Morocco!

Paradise Valley is another Moroccan wonder of nature located around an hour ride from Taghazout. I haven’t been there (shame on me! I somehow never had the time) but I found this cool video by Abdelhalim Ahenchi which shows how beautiful Paradise Valley is!

Looking for more travel insirations? Get inspired to explore Morocco with that ultimate guide written by MarocMama HERE.

Want to go to Sahara? Check out my experience and book your trip HERE!

 PS. This post contains an affiliate link. If you click on the Booking.com banner and make a purchase, I will get a small commission from the advertiser! It doesn’t bring any extra cost to you! As always, all opinions are my own and nobody has influenced them! :)
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