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Jarjeer Retirement Home And Sanctuary For Donkeys And Mules In Douar Oumnas

By Bewildered in Morocco

June 1, 2018

Jarjeer Donkey And Mule Sanctuary in Oued Doumnas, Marrakech
Animals at Jarjeer have lots of space to run!

When I first saw Jarjeer’s activity on Instagram, I knew that was this kind of place that I had to visit!

Two days later I jumped on the train from Casablanca and met Susan, one of the two founders of Jarjeer sancturary, at the Marrakech train station.

We headed twenty-something kilometres south from hot Marrakech and arrived to Douar Oumnas where the donkeys’ retirement home is located.

Village Oued Doumnas
The lovely surroundings of the Jarjeer sanctuary
Beyd is Arabic means "white". jarjeer sanctuary

Most of animals that come to Jarjeer are in a terrible state. At Jarjeer they are taken care of and they are happy!
Beyd is Arabic means "white".
Beyd, the only white donkey in the sanctuary. Beyd is Arabic means “white”.

What is Jarjeer and how it works?

Jarjeer is a British NGO run by two lovely souls, a married couple of retired lawyers, Susan and Charles.

The couple loved Morocco and decided to move here from England. They also wanted to help the mistreated donkeys and mules in the region and that’s how they started the sanctuary.

The retirement home for donkeys and mules is paid entirely from their pensions and supportive people’s donations. Susan and Charles take care of 12 dogs and 28 donkeys and mules! They also employ several other animal lovers to help them with feeding the animals, taking care of them and healing.

Each time someone finds an old donkey, they bring them to Jarjeer, the new home! The extended family is constantly growing so are the needs!

Tommy At Jarjeer Mules
Tommy is asking for more food!

Jarjeer Mules and Donkey Sanctuary

Want to help Jarjeer’s mules and donkeys?

Here’s how you can do it, there are a couple of ways to support Susan and Charles and their big donkey family!

  1. You can donate by clicking here. PayPal is a secure payment method. Even the smallest amount of money will help to provide medical care, food, vet and water for the animals!
  2. You can also transfer money directly to Jarjeer’s bank account. Details here.
  3. You can also adopt a donkey and take it home as a pet :)
  4. You can share this article with your friends and spread the word about this beautiful initiative!

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