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North Africa and Middle East holidays

By Bewildered in Morocco

March 6, 2019

Moroccan Tea mint menthe the a la mietowa herbata marokanska zdjecie filizanka szklanka mala turecka arabska orientalna

Morocco is such a diversified country! You can enjoy the sandy beaches, high mountains, desert and forests at the same time. I have always encouraged my friends, readers and Sahara clients to visit as many places as they can. People usually travel to Morocco for a week, but let me assure you: one week is not enough! To discover it a little bit more you will need to take at least a three-week trip. Some of Morocco visitors love the Kingdom so much, that they decide to come back over and over again. Others want to discover other countries in the North Africa and Middle East that are equally beautiful. I’ve done a small research, put together some of my travel experiences and resources of my fellow bloggers and came up with this list. I hope it’s helpful!

First of all, before we move on to other countries, let me tell you more about travelling in Morocco. If you are looking for great itineraries for Morocco, you should have a look at the amazing blog of Amanda (MarocMama) and her amazing Morocco itineraries bucket list. You’ll find lots of off-the-beaten-track ideas for your next Moroccan trip.

high atlas hiking trekking morocco toubkal mount tichka
High Atlas mountains


First country I’ve decided to include in this article is Israel. Moroccans have good relationship with the country and there are lots of Jews living in Morocco! In Marrakech there is even an entire Jewish quartier, Mellah, in the medina! I visited the south of Israel recently and really loved the food, people, good organization and beautiful beaches.  In Israel they love mint tea- just like in Morocco so you can feel like in Morocco when you travel to the Middle East ;)

Find more about Israel here.

dolphin, eilat, israel
Dolphin Reef, Eilat
naturura eko rurka słomka ekologiczna  polska marka
They love mint tea as well!


I’ve spent three lovely weeks in Turkey. I lived with a family so I could completely indulge in their culture and traditions. Even though it’s a different continent and a totally different language, Turks and Moroccans have a lot in common! They are very open and friendly and they love to host others in their homes. Turkish food is slightly different than Moroccan cuisine, but they share one thing: very sweet desserts! If you like “horns of gazelle” in Morocco, you’ll surely love the Turkish lokum. Apart from great cuisine, Turkey has a lot to offer: splendid architecture and beautiful landscapes. They are as varied as in Morocco – you can enjoy green forests, sea, and mountains.

Find more about Turkey here.

turkish delight lokum sweet halva halawa
Sweet turkish lokum
stambuł istanbul mosque meczet sunrise turkey turcja turkiye


Egypt was the very first country that I visited in this region. I have been there a couple of times and really loved it. One of the things that I will never forget and I always remember in Morocco is the Khan el Khalili market. It taes you to another level of shopping! It seems a lot wilder than the medina of Marrakech. The tiny alleys are very mysterious and you can buy pretty much anything in that place. I haven’t seen much of greenery in Egypt but the country has other things to offer -the pyramids and the seaside are beautiful and worth visiting.

Unfortunately I lost all the photos I took back then in Egypt so I am sharing photos taken by others.

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Photo credit: Safari Junkie
Photo credit: Lonely Planet

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