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High Atlas hiking, trekking & climbing guide

By Bewildered in Morocco

February 27, 2019

high atlas hiking trekking morocco toubkal mount tichka

Every week I get tens of questions about hiking possibilities in Morocco. You ask me how to prepare, what the weather is like, to go with a guide or alone and lots of other questions. I am not a pro, but I have been to the High Atlas at least 10 times and I love hiking so I can give you some tips.

Can I hike by myself?

You can and nobody will forbid you. I personally like to meet the locals and ask them for help – who knows the place better if not the insiders?

By hiring a professional guide you will save time and see places that you would probably never see alone. Moroccans are very hospitable and friendly people in general and they love to show the best of their country. If you trust the locals you will experience things that you can’t experience if you go on your own.

I have never done the extreme hiking, most of the treks I have done were pretty gentle. I always went with my Moroccan friends and local guides for a better experience.

What will the weather be like?

The weather is the Atlas changes quite often. There are sudden drops of temperature and you shouldn’t worry about it – it’s normal! The landscape varies as well so you should make sure to bring proper hiking boots with you. Thermoactive clothes will be a good choice – I always have them when I travel to Sahara or mountains. They don’t take much space and can keep you warm.

During hot months the sun can be harsh so don’t forget long sleeves and skin care products to avoid sun burns. Don’t forget that in the mountains hospitals are far away so make sure to bring your medicines and other necessary medical products with you.

high atlas hiking trekking morocco toubkal mount tichka Berber village

Can you recommend a guide?

Yes! Every day I get asked about a reliable, professional hiking or climbing guide in the High Atlas.

High Atlas Hiking is a group of passionate and certified native inhabitants of the Atlas. They are people who have been born and raised in the region and know every single stone and tree in that area. Their aim is to show the beauty of their land off the beaten track, far away from tourist attractions. They will tell you about the culture of the Atlas and make you experience it to the max.

Special gift for my Readers from High Atlas Hiking: -5% for all their trips! Don’t forget to mention Bewildered in Morocco to get your discount.

Berbers from the High Atlas preparing meal
Berbers from the High Atlas preparing meal

What is the right trek for me?

Everything depends on your health and physical fitness. There are lots of treks to choose from, very gentle and easy, and way more challenging for adventure seekers.

If you’re not sure what to choose, talk to your guide and he will advise you.

Mount Toubkal – with guide or without?

After the unfortunate events in November 2018 Moroccan governments insists on tourists taking guides for their trips. The guide knows which place is safe to go to and which place isn’t. Most climbers opt for an all-inclusive tour operator that provides accommodation, food, transportation, and mule services throughout their entire tip in the atlas mountain.

Mohamed and his group going for Toubkal
Mohamed and his group going for Toubkal

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